Scarce Flowers of Anza-Borrego Desert

Waiting for months to see the colorful fields of Southern Californian desert - don't believe touristic "propaganda" :) - resulted in a long trip in increasing temperature (from 64 to almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit)  in a "hunt" for any blossoming at all. An old ranger at the State Park told us we were not the only disappointed visitors.

To get there we used I8E, 79, 78... plus S22, I15 on the way back.

Let me offer you the best finds of the journey.  A bee on red flowers.
 Tiny blossoms on the ground.

The desert hills of Anza-Borrego.

Rocks around.
The road.
Approaching Borrego Springs, the place where we hoped to find help in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Visitors' Center.

 There were nice sculptures on the side of the road (these are mustangs) and bikers who like the rocky rides (they are gathered under the palms on the photo).
Yellow blossoming tree and its bark.
A hummingbird (Colibri?) is drinking the nectar of red flowers.

The bush with these red blossoms.
 A green tree in the middle of heat.
Hazy views from the way back (towards the coast to 15, through Poway).
The rocky mountains under the burning Sun.
The winding road.
A stop for more "golden shimmer" flowers, luckily spotted. 

By the way, on the way to the desert a big shock for me was to see a wast area of burned trees. There were few on the way back too.

Many more damaged by fire trees were on the way up (this is not the worst part, I just did not want to photograph that devastation).
But there were some nice views too, with healthy trees.
Returning back from desert!